test post 4

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

It has not been playing in the premier league but santi cazorla has received praise from his teammate in arsenal. : mikel arteta that gives appreciation to players anyar the gunners said. Arteta welcomed the arrival of kompatriotnya of spain into the emirates stadium. Even he had made was fascinated over its action during arsenal do centralization of exercise in germany. Without hesitation, arteta mention that the 27 years that will fit play in arsenal. Moreover, he hoped that his partner will bring the impact of a very positive for the future of his team. ‘ technically he is a player who really bertalenta, she can now play in the two wings and may also be piercing from the middle, ‘ bright arteta. ‘ i ‘ m sure he ‘ s going to have a significant effect. How to play arsenal really fit with the quality of being he does and hopefully, he would actually be successful

In addition, midfielder 30 years it admits that he is also very difficult to know whether this player lefty or not. He suggested that cazorla play equally well with both feet


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