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Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Toyota Fortuner SUV became the most favorite since its launch on the market the first time Indonesia in 2005. Up to now the Toyota Fortuner 4 2 sales in Indonesia 60 thousand units barely touched since 2005% u2013 July 2012. Throughout 2011, Toyota-Astra Motor success selling Fortuner 12.312. While in the period January% u2013 July 2012, already reaching 11.720 units. % u201CToyota Fortuner experienced rapid growth and lead the market in SUV 4 2,% u201D said Johnny Darmawan, boss of Toyota-Astra Motor. % u201CKhusus Diesel Fortuner shows growth by leaps and bounds, anyway, since it was introduced in 2007 in Indonesia.% u201D On first year launch Fortuner Diesel sold 1,359 units. In the period January% u2013 July 2012, Fortuner Diesel sales dominate total sales series unit of the Fortuner to 9277 11.720 unit. If compared to last year during the same period, up 66 units.




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