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Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Toyota fortuner be suv most favorite since it was launched the first time in indonesian markets in 2005. Until now the sale of toyota fortuner 4 � 2 in indonesia almost touching 60 thousand units since july 2005 � 2012. In 2011, toyota-astra motor success in selling 12.312 fortuner. While from january � july 2012, has reached 11.720 units. Toyota fortuner � saw higher growth developments and lead a market in suv � 2, 4 johnny darmawan � said boss toyota-astra motor. Special � fortuner diesel show rapid growth, similarly, since introduced in 2007 in indonesia. � in the first year the launch of fortuner diesel sold 1.359 units. In the period of january � july 2012, sales fortuner diesel control of total sales series fortuner with 9277 unit of 11.720 units. If compared to last year on the same period, rose 66 units.

Of total sales fortuner since 2005 � july 2012, diesel fortuner incised figures 39.187 units. It means fortuner diesel controlling approximately 53 % of total sales fortuner in indonesia. And, in august 2012, toyota offer fortuner turbodiesel intercooler far more powerful than its predecessor. The launch according to we were a little late because kompetitornya, mitsubishi pajero sport has been more first introduce a variant turbodiesel. In a journey use diesel fortuner a few years ago to tourist zone dieng, writer feel machine lawas fortuner feels less � a joss � devouring tanjakan-tanjakan there. Of course by the addition of turbo ( vnt = of variable vane a nozzle turbo ), we expect much fortuner far more powerful and attractive more people



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